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Chicken Special

Chicken Special
Anjappar Chicken Masala

Boneless chicken cubes marinated in chef's handmade masala, cashews and roasted to taste

Chettinad Chicken Roast / Masala

Chicken sauteed in shallots , a much loved Chettinad speciality

Pepper Chicken Dry (Chicken Milagu Varuval)

Boneless Chicken pieces marinated in crushed pepper corns, sauteed with chopped onion and curry leaves

Pepper Chicken Masala (Chicken Milagu Masala)

Boneless Chicken pieces marinated in crushed pepper corns and cooked with Chettinad spicy masala

Malabar Chicken Curry

Boneless Chicken pieces cooked in delicious coconut milk

Butter Chicken

Boneless grilled Chicken cooked in a delicious tomato and butter sauce

Chicken Tikka Masala

Boneless Chicken cubes from claypot cooked in cashewnut, onion, tomato paste to taste

Karahi Chicken

Chicken cooked in butter onion gravy and dry chillies

Chilli Chicken

Batter fried boneless chicken cooked with onions, chillies and special Indian spices

Garlic Chicken

Batter fried boneless Chicken stir fried with dices of onion, capsicum and fresh garlic